Are the Rand R100 for Sale Detectable?

One word, “No”, they are not. This is the most popular query you can hear from any common person who buys counterfeit money online for the first time. Well, once you get used to it, you will find out the ultimate happiness when these fake notes are not at all detected by anyone.

Buy Rand R100 Online and Make the Best use of your time by reading the guidelines at the Top Counter Money online store.

How Do They Make Profits?
Top Counter Money, being the largest and popular online store in the world in terms of fake currency supplying has produced excellent products in the past years. Initially, they were quite inactive online and social media platforms. This typical idea will change your thinking perspective. You will start thinking like a machine, and as we do business in the entire world, there is a good source of income we get from that. Our services and the products have earned us this reputation.



Get 100% Authentic South African Rand Online

Fake currency is required mainly for motion pictures. Top Counter Money is settled up their business for making fake currencies. They are involved in this business for the past 15 years. As of now, they have spread their branches in 12 different countries and serve customers worldwide. They are getting a good response from all those countries. They have legally proved themselves as they make South African Rand for sale only for motion pictures. Their bills look so authentic that it is next to impossible to find out they are fake and not real. They take care of all the minute features as per their experiences to make the fake Bills look like the real ones. Across the world, there are millions of people who buy counterfeit money online from Top Counter Money. The fake Bills are doing their job without any disturbances or hassles.

Tests, Specifications, and Guidelines

They allow the Bills and release in the market after several checking methods. The Bills should pass all kinds of special tests. In case of any flaws, there will be a forgery issue raised against the company. Being the leading fake currency manufacturer from the past 15 years, Top Counter Money has proved its authenticity. The identity of the buyers is kept hidden for security purposes. Otherwise, if people get caught or detected while buying fake notes online or buy South African Rand online, the massive issues may arise. Top Counter Money takes care of all kinds of hassles and provides complete support even after the product delivery. Here is the list of tests to check before releasing the notes in the market.

The dimension and thickness of the notes should be accurate.
The portrait watermark should imitate the real ones.
The serial number should be checked before you buy South African Rand.
The Bills should be tested in several ATM machines to check its originality.
The checking of the Security Thread should be done very carefully.
South African Rand

People buy small or large quantities of Rand for regular usages. When you buy Rand R20 Online, check for Top Counter Money’s exclusive offers such as Rand R20 for sale and make a profitable deal. Apart from Rand R20, they also manufacture the following Rands.

Rand R50
Rand R100
Rand R200


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